KAPPTAI——High Quality Capsules Source

Source of raw materials for high-quality HPMC capsules

KAPPTAI——High Quality Capsules Source

The empty (vacant) capsule is a kind of capsule shell with designated colors (prepared at the specific requirement of the customer) and shape made of gelatin or HPMC as main material. Empty (Vacant) capsule is one of the most common choices for medicine filling, and it has acquired an important position in the industry of medicine manufacture. It is usually used as the special packing for those medicines or health products with bad smell, light sensitiveness or degradation in wet or hot conditions. No bond or additional pressure is required in producing capsules with vacant capsules. In addition, the specific capsules are easy to disintegrate in the gastric juice. Compared with tablets and pills, the capsules can offer a better bioavailability and other advantages in convenient preparation, carriage and usage and safe airproof packing.KAPPTAI-Capsules-Size

How to Ensure High Quality of Capsules?

Since the quality and material of the vacant capsules directly affects the effect and safety in medicine usage, our factory has always been using new and good material to improve the quality of the capsule shells, and try to make the best products to our customers.

Kapptai selects safe raw and auxiliary materials to ensure the health, environmental protection and safety of the products. Throughout the production process, we always insist on not adding any substances that are harmful to human health, and strictly control the product quality from beginning to end to ensure the safety of each product accordance with GMP standards.

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