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About Us

Kap (Xiamen) Bio-Tech Co., Ltd, as an expert in in the fields of food, pharma, health care and biology solutions. We cooperate with customers all over the world to provide advanced solutions for gelatin, collagen, collagen candy, HPMC and capsules, and help customers achieve production objectives and improve product quality.

Kapptai was founded in 2017 and has more than 25 years of production experience in the gelatin industry. With the advantages of production integration of gelatin, our collagen and capsule production can keep the supply chain in stable and safety.

Adhering to the business philosophy of green, environmental protection and sustainable development, we used the same technical support and management system to expand the gelatin production line, and actively introduced new HPMC materials, laying the foundation for the production of HPMC capsules. At the beginning of 2022, we are carrying out the investment and production of HPMC and HPMC capsules. Provide the world with safe and reliable delivery of raw materials and capsules.

Our capacity

KAPPTAI is a group company with products such as gelatin, collagen, empty capsules, HPMC. We set up factories or invest to build production lines for different products. Our annual production capacity of gelatin can reach 15,000 tons, and the we also have our owned production line of Gelatin&HPMC Capsules and HPMC. We integrate the supply chain to reduce the cost and improve quality stable. The Annual production capacity of Capsules reaches 20 billion pieces, collagen is 5000 tons. We are strong in supply chain control.

Our strategy

We adhere to the core elements of business strategy, based on proven business practices, and focus on building sustainable development solutions:
1.Always focus on achieving operational excellence
2.Relying on leading technology
3.Make full use of the benefits brought by the gelatin protein integration model
4.Prudent and wise investment

Health and safety

Strive to create an accident free workplace and a safe environment without injury. We have an in-depth understanding of the impact of the company’s operation on the environment and the social and economic needs of the communities where we operate, and carry out our work accordingly. We believe that this will have a positive and lasting impact on these communities and establish sincere working relations on the basis of mutual trust and respect for human rights.

Quality Certification

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