Gelatin for Gummy Candy–KAPPTAI


Gelatin for Gummy Candy–KAPPTAI

Gelatin for Gummy Candy–KAPPTAI

Gelatin is the primary gel used to make elastic gummy candy because it gives soft candy a very strong elastic texture. In the process of soft candy production, when the gelatin solution is cooled to 22-25℃, the gelatin becomes a solid. According to its characteristics, the gelatin solution is mixed in the syrup and poured into the mold while it is hot. After cooling, a certain shape of gelatin jelly can be formed.

Why are gummy candies so popular in the world?

The answer is gelatin. It provides gummies with a crystal clear appearance, springy texture, unique chewy and intense flavor release. No other ingredient can replicate the function of gelatin.

Gelatin for Gummy Candy--KAPPTAI

It is safe to say that gelatin is the perfect ingredient for gummy candy production.


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