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Kapptai has more than 20 years experience in supply chain. Annual capacity of gelatin reaches 5000 tons, collagen 3000 tons, HPMC 5000 tons, and Capsules 20 billion pieces.

Quality Guarantee

More than 400 SOP and QA & QC system ensure the excellent and stable quality of our products, ISO, HACCP, FSSC, FDA, HALAL certificated


Provide advanced solutions for gelatin, collagen, collagen candy, HPMC and capsules, and help customers achieve production objectives and improve product quality.

Pharmaceutical Gelatin

Application of KAPPTAI gelatin in the medicine field


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Collagen for beverage

Collagen drink is the most abundant protein in the body.It is a key part of all connective tissues and has good safety and effectiveness.


Source of raw materials for High-Quality HPMC Capsules

HPMC capsules application

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KAPPTAI High Quality Capsules Source

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GMP hard empty gelatin capsules manufacturer