The Best Partner of Functional Soft Candy–KAPPTAI collagen peptides

The Best Partner of Functional Soft Candy--KAPPTAI-1

The Best Partner of Functional Soft Candy–KAPPTAI collagen peptides

The Best Partner of Functional Soft Candy–KAPPTAI collagen peptides. Collagen peptide, as a scientific and clinically proven health ingredient, which can be added into functional soft candy. It maintains bone health, help muscle growth and help repair hair and nails.


Soft candy,Sollagen candy,Functional soft candy, Collagen soft candy1. Collagen peptides are obtained by further enzymatic hydrolysis of natural animal collagen. Due to the decomposition of

macromolecular proteins, they can be actively and unobstructedly absorbed by the human body in the form of small molecular peptides, and they are transport

ed to various body tissues through blood. play a healthy role.

2. Collagen peptides are scientifically and clinically proven healthy ingredients that not only maintain bone health and aid muscle growth, but also help repair hair and nails. Most importantly, collagen peptides have always dominated the field of oral beauty and are the most widely used functional gummies. The consumption trend of global oral beauty products on Tmall from 2017 to 2019 shows that collagen products not only account for the largest proportion, but also have the fastest growth. The location of collagen peptides in functional gummies can be seen.

3. Clinical trials on people of other ethnicities such as Asians and Latin Americans have shown that collagen can help brands meet the needs of millions of consumers for radiant, firm and beautiful skin. In addition, in the actual use process, collagen also has the advantages of good solubility, mild odor, good stability, and wide pH adaptation range, making it fully utilized in functional gummies.

4. In addition to gu

mmies with added collagen and vitamin C, there are many gummies on the market, such as zinc iron, curcumin, probiotics, and more. Gummies have become a vehicle for snack innovation and functional diversification.

5. On many social platforms, topics such as #nutrition gummies# and #collagen gummies# are also very popular. Numerous celebrities and well-known bloggers participated in the discussion, brought merchandise, and pushed the exposure of gummy products to a new climax. Beauty, losing weight, helping sleep, soothing nerves, supplementing multi-dimensional… With the trend of healthy and functional food, functional gummies with a halo of health food have become the transformation direction of traditional candy companies.

6. The rapid growth of functional gummies has injected new vitality into the large health and wellness market. Gelatin as a filler ingredient and collagen peptides as a functional ingredient make it invincible, bringing consumers an unparalleled sensory and wellness experience.

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