The Benefits Of Capsules


The Benefits Of Capsules

The benefits of capsules is a When we usually take medicine, we can always encounter all kinds of capsules. Some people feel that the capsule is too big to swallow, so they simply disassemble the capsule and send the granules and powder inside with water or swallow it directly. As everyone knows, this is a very wrong approach, ranging from weakening the efficacy of the drug to causing danger in severe cases.

Of course, the capsule shell does not contain drugs, which is why some people abandon the capsule shell. However, although this capsule shell is not a drug, it is like a drug and has an irreplaceable effect.

Kapptai-CapsuleThe Capsule shell protects your mouth and nose. Good medicine is bitter and good for disease, some medicines are bitter, some medicines are pungent, and of course, some medicines are bitter and pungent. But more importantly, the irritation of some drugs to the oral cavity did not appear at the time, but “first attack”. When your mouth starts to feel uncomfortable, it may be a few hours later. Temporary oral irritation may be nothing, but if the oral cavity is stimulated day after day due to long-term medication, it may cause considerable damage to the oral cavity. The capsule shell can “lock up” the drug, so that the drug cannot contact the mouth, and there will be no irritation.

The capsule shell saves the hassle of taking the medicine. In order for the drug to dissolve quickly and take effect, the powder of some drugs is very small. When the capsule is opened, the powder that is accidentally raised means that the dose has been insufficient. What’s more, when swallowing such a fine powder, the powder may choke into the windpipe, which is especially dangerous for children. Not only to ensure a sufficient amount of medication, but also to ensure that you will not be choked by the powder, please be sure to swallow the capsule directly.

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