Citrus/Apple Pectin

20, 25Kg/Bag



Pectin is a kind of polysaccharide, which exists in citrus, lemon, grapefruit, and other peel in large quantities. It is white to yellow powder, tasteless. Pectin, as a high-grade natural food additive and health care product, can be widely used in food, medicine, health care products, and some cosmetics. Pectin can be used as an emulsifier, stabilizer, and thickener. It can be used in various foods according to production needs. Pectin can be used in the manufacture of jam and jelly; Preventing cake from hardening; Improving cheese quality; Making juice powder, etc. Generally, it can be divided into high ester pectin and low ester pectin according to its esterification degree. High-ester pectin is mainly used in acidic jam, jelly, gel fudge, candy filling, and lactobacillus beverage. Low-ester pectin is mainly used for jam, jelly, gel fudge, frozen dessert, salad dressing, ice cream, yogurt, and so on.



With the improvement of people’s living standards and repeated exposure to food safety incidents, people are increasingly concerned about food safety, and the voice for healthy and nutritious food is growing. As a natural food additive, pectin will increasingly replace sodium carboxymethyl cellulose (CMC Na), modified starch, and other chemically synthesized or chemically modified food additives with no or low nutritional value, and be used in yogurt, beverages, jam, candy, jelly, and other foods.

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