Konjac Gum

Konjac Gum

Konjac Gum
Viscosity more than 36000
Mesh more than 120

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The main component of konjac is glucomannan, this is a low-calorie, low-protein, high-dietary fiber food, and it’s rich in more than a dozen amino acids and trace elements needed by the human body. Obesity, diabetes, constipation have a certain effect, can detoxify the body toxins and garbage, prevent colon cancer. It also has various physical and chemical properties such as water solubility, thickening, stability, suspension, gelation, film formation, bonding, etc., so this made KAPPTAI Konjac Gum a natural health food and an ideal food raw material.

KAPPTAI Konjac Gum

Konjac Gum is widely used as food and food additive:

As a thickener and stabilizer, it can be added to jelly, jam, fruit juice, vegetable juice, ice cream, ice cream and other cold drinks, solid drinks, seasoning powder and soup powder;
As a binder, it can be added to noodles, rice noodles, ground skin, meatballs, ham, bread and pastries to enhance muscle strength and maintain freshness;
As a gel, it can be added to various soft candies, brown candies and crystal candies, and can also be used to make bionic foods.

Application in food processing

KGM has various properties such as hydrophilicity, thickening, stability, emulsifying, suspending, gelling and film-forming. It can be used to make various food additives and is widely used in the food industry. It is used as a stabilizer for ice cream to make the taste smooth and delicate; as a baking food additive for biscuits, cakes, etc., it makes the product smooth in appearance and loose in texture; it can increase the strength of the line and the toughness of the noodles; as a beer foam stabilizer, pour the cup The bubbles are small and uniform, and the hanging time is long; as a clarifying agent for fruit juice and wine; as a food preservative, it can inhibit the reproduction of aerobic microorganisms and prolong the preservation period of eggs, meat, fish, fruits and vegetables.

Using the film-forming properties of konjac KGM, microcapsules can be made. The products produced by microcapsule technology can protect the embedded microparticle materials, avoid adverse reactions with other components, and isolate them from external adverse environmental factors. While maintaining the original color, aroma and taste of the materials, Reduce deterioration loss or prolong shelf life, improve product quality, stabilize some materials that are not easy to store or process, and expand the use range of solids with good fluidity, simplifying the production process.

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