Product information
Name: Glycerin (glycerol) / natural oil glycerin
Origin: Malaysia
Packing: 250kg / barrel
Content: 99.7%
Model: USP



Glycerol The scientific research
KAPPTAI Glycerol is an important organic chemical raw material

KAPPTAI Glycerol is an important organic chemical raw material, which is widely used in many sectors of the national economy.

Glycerol is an excellent hygroscopic agent, antifreeze, lubricant, solvent and cosolvent. It is an important raw material for the production of polyester, medicine and so on.

In the food industry, Glycerol can be used as water retaining agent, carrier solvent, thickener and plasticizer; It can be used as a color carrier in colored food. Glycerol can also be used as a lubricant for food processing and packaging machinery.

Glycerol is often used as softener, viscosity improver and solvent in the manufacture of drugs and cosmetics. Glycerol is a very important raw material in gelatin soft capsules production.

In polymer materials, glycerol is commonly used to produce polyurethane foam, polyether and other raw materials. It is an important raw material for producing alkyd resin and celluloid, especially in the manufacture of alkyd resin paint.

Also, glycerol is widely used in tobacco industry, ceramic industry, leather industry, wood industry and photography.

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