Hard Gelatin Capsules

Hard Gelatin Capsules

Raw materials: Bovine bone gelatin 220bloom
Viscosity: More than 4.0mps.

KAPPTAI can provide 1,000 pcs free sample for your test


Because of the different production materials,capsules are divided into vegetable capsules and gelatin capsules. KAPPTAI hard gelatin capsules are mainly made of gelatin as raw materials, and vegetarian capsules are mainly made of HPMC.

Hard gelatin capsules are divided into size 000, 00E, 00,0E, 0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 according to different capacities. We can customize the production size and color according to different needs to meet customers’ diverse needs.The disintegration time, capacity, ash, loss on drying and other parameters of each size capsules are different. The disintegration time of hard gelatin capsules through the intestines and stomach is 5-8 minutes, no more than 10 minutes.


Usually hard gelatin capsules are used to hold vitamin powder, granular pharmaceuticals or nutritional products. By using capsule as carrier, the stability of drugs can be improved, so as to achieve the effect of sustained release.

At present, we have been exported to the United States, Canada, Brazil, Southeast Asia and other countries and regions. Because of our hard gelatin capsules have good quality, we have been able to maintain long-term cooperation with customers and continue to expand our business.

KAPPTAI hard gelatin capsules are HALAL and ISO certified which are accepted by customers in many countries, with a monthly output of 5,000,000,000 capsules, which guarantees the procurement of customers.

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