HPMC Capsules

HPMC Capsules

Raw materials: HPMC
Disintegration time:11-15min
KAPPTAI offers free samples to customers who need them for testing.



HPMC Capsules–Can Be Customized Production

KAPPTAI HPMC Capsules selects high quality HPMC raw materials, in the selection of raw material suppliers, we adhere to the quality first, to provide customers with high quality HPMC Capsules as the principle.


HPMC Capsules are divided into size 000, 00E, 00,0E, 0, 1, 2, 3, 4, according to different capacities. We can customize the production size and color according to customers’ requirements to meet diverse needs. The disintegration time, capacity, ash, loss on drying and other parameters of each size capsules are different. Generally, the disintegration time of HPMC capsules through the intestines and stomach is 11-15 minutes, no more than 15 minutes.

KAPPTAI HPMC Capsules have many certificates, ISO, HALAL,KOSHER,FDA, so we can meet the certification needs of customers, to provide customers with high quality HPMC capsules. Our monthly output of HPMC capsules is 4,000,000,000, and this ensures a stable supply to customers on the premise of meeting the certification.


Different size of capsules have different packaging.
The following table shows the packaging of each size of capsule:

Size Package(cm) Net Weight(KG) Gross Weight(KG) Volomes Quantity 20-FCL can be load 40-FCL can be load
000 74*60*40 9 12 0.18/CARTON 50,000/CARTON 150 CARTONS 355 CARTONS
00 74*60*40 9.3 12.2 0.18/CARTON 75,000/CARTON 150 CARTONS 355 CARTONS
0 74*60*40 10 12.9 0.18/CARTON 100,000/CARTON 150 CARTONS 355 CARTONS
1 74*60*40 10.9 13.8 0.18/CARTON 140,000/CARTON 150 CARTONS 355 CARTONS
2 74*60*40 11.7 14.6 0.18/CARTON 180,000/CARTON 150 CARTONS 355 CARTONS
3 74*60*40 12.4 15.3 0.18/CARTON 240,000/CARTON 150 CARTONS 355 CARTONS
4 74*60*40 12.8 15.7 0.18/CARTON 320,000/CARTON 150 CARTONS 355 CARTONS
5 74*60*40 13 15.9 0.18/CARTON 400,000/CARTON 150 CARTONS 355 CARTONS


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