Eidble Gelatin

Eidble Gelatin

The raw material of Kapptai Edible Gelatin is 100% bovine hide. Kapptai Edible Gelatin has halal certification, and is recognized by Muslim countries. Our gelatin is widely used in marshmallow, fudge, meat products, dairy products, desserts and jelly. We export gelatin to Russia, the United States, Canada, Mexico, Southeast Asia, India and other regions. Our quality is recognized by our customers, and we provide a guarantee for our clients’ quality of production. And in terms of our fast delivery , it ensures the safety of the supply chain.



Edible Gelatin of Kapptai can provide customers with good customized solutions. We provide solutions ranging from 80-300 bloom, viscosity 2.0-6.0 mpa.s and 4-60 mesh. We provide good delivery for the production of dessert, candy and meat factories. The annual output of our bovine gelatin is 5000 tons, and we can increase the output according to the needs of customers, which can be increased to 8000 tons. And we also have advantages in the production of high viscosity gelatin. Our gelatin has ISO22000, HACCP, halal and other certification, which provides a good management system for gelatin production safety and quality control.


Edible gelatin is widely used in the following industries:


Eidble Gelatin Package: 25kg/bag, PE bags inside and paper bags outside.


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