Collagen Powder

Collagen Powder

Our collagen is powder, soft and non-caking. Hydrolyzed from gelatin. Has a unique taste and smell, is free of foreign matter, food grade and complies with current regulations.

Hydrolyzed gelatin raw material: bovine hide/bovine bone/fish/pig
Content: protein (≥95%), water (≤7%), other salts (the rest).
Molecular weight (Da): 500 – 2000
Uses: Moisturizing, thickening, emulsifying
Application: food, medicine, health care , beauty and other industries

Package: PE bag inside, paper bag outside. 20kg/bag, also provide 350kg/bag or 600kg/bag.
Storage: Store in cool and dry place at room temperature and sealed.



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Kapptai Collagen Powder

The main raw materials of KAPPTAI Collagen Powder are the skins of bovine, fish, pigs. After the raw materials are properly treated and purified, which are hydrolyzed and extracted under strictly controlled conditions to obtain liquid hydrolyzed gelatin. After adjusting the molecular weight, the hydrolyzed gelatin products with different molecular weights can be obtained. The decomposition and purification of collagen is carried out by chemical methods in acid, alkali and other solutions, and then purified by biochemical methods by enzymatic treatment. Because the chemical treatment will produce a large amount of salts, which brings difficulties to the post-treatment, in recent years, most of the hydrolyzed gelatin produced abroad has been decomposed and purified with enzyme-treated collagen, and good results have been achieved. After the collagen is purified, it is hydrolyzed and extracted in hot water.

Then the solution is clarified, filtered, classified, and its molecular weight is adjusted to obtain liquid hydrolyzed gelatin of various molecular weights.

High molecular protein collagen powder, rich in more than 18 kinds of amino acids. Non-caking, good taste, low molecular weight, rich in nutrients, and easy to dissolve and absorb! KAPPTAI collagen powder has been widely used in food, medicine, health care products, beauty products and other industries. It can thicken and emulsify in food: beverages, cakes, nutrition bars, candies, etc., and increase the digestibility and absorption of protein in food, and has a therapeutic effect. It also has a good advantage in supplementing collagen for the human body, providing a variety of nutrients needed for cells and muscles, improving skin anti-aging solutions and dietary supplements.

Our KAPPTAI collagen powder has passed ISO22000, HACCP, Halal and other certifications, providing a good management system for collagen production safety and quality control. At present, it has been exported to the United States, Canada, Russia, Iran, the United Arab Emirates and other countries, and the current annual output can reach 5,000 tons. Looking forward to more cooperation around the world.


KAPPTAI package:

PE bag inside, paper bag outside. 20kg/bag, also provide 350kg/bag or 600kg/bag.

Collagen Powder Package