Problems and development status of gelatin industry in China

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Problems and development status of gelatin industry in China

1. The rapid development of the gelatin industry and the rapid expansion of market capacity.

At present, our gelatin industry is in a period of rapid development and the market capacity is expanding rapidly. According to the statistics of China gelatin Association, the market capacity of gelatin industry has increased at a double-digit compound annual growth rate for nearly a decade.

2. The rapid expansion of foreign-invested enterprises in China and the development of national enterprises have been squeezed

The huge market space and development prospect of domestic gelatin industry attract foreign gelatin giants to continue to enter the Chinese market. Foreign enterprises compete for market share through “capacity expansion + acquisition”. The rapid expansion of foreign giants will squeeze the living space of gelatin national enterprises. For example, during the period of rapid development of the industry, national enterprises can not obtain more financial support and more technological breakthroughs, which will be marginalized in the competition, and finally can not escape the fate of merger or bankruptcy.

3. Small enterprises in the industry, capacity expansion has become the theme of industry development.

At present, the gelatin industry is in a period of rapid expansion. Foreign enterprises have entered for a relatively short time, but they have sufficient funds, mature technology and rapid expansion. On the contrary, under the conditions of capital and technology, most domestic national enterprises are unable to grow with the development of the industry, so that the industry has formed a number of large and medium-sized enterprises of small and medium-sized manufacturing enterprises, with an annual output of hundreds of tons and more than 2500 tons of gelatin. Domestic enterprises should realize that only by grasping the current stage of rapid industrial development, expanding production capacity and market share, can they survive in the competition.

4. The product quality is uneven, and the supervision needs to be strengthened.

At present, the quality of many gelatin in the market is uneven, which does not meet the national standard that inferior gelatin products flood the market. Even some enterprises sell leather as medical food through glue and gelatin made of industrial glue or chrome leather in order to make huge profits. The integrity of leather, integrity and enterprise management is poor. Executives say that doing the same is another matter. Some downstream manufacturers save costs by using inferior gelatin, which further leads to the confusion of gelatin Market, and the supervision of gelatin industry needs to be strengthened. Among hundreds of enterprises in the whole industry, few have been approved by the food and drug administration, and the construction and management of production lines are very few in accordance with GMP standards. Kapptai Gelatin biology takes advantage of the raw material resources, seizes the opportunity, expands the new process of gelatin production, improves investment projects, takes the lead in the industry with foresight, purifies the win-win cooperation of China electronic system engineering construction company, improves the purification process level of the product line, and provides a solid foundation for the production of high-quality products.

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