KAPPTAI Gelatin for Dairy and Dessert Products


KAPPTAI Gelatin for Dairy and Dessert Products

For delicious dairy and dessert products, texture is key. KAPPTAI Gelatin can meet such requirement.


In yogurt, KAPPTAI Gelatin prevents dehydration and shrinkage, allowing the product to become nearly creamy or solid. Gelatin also gives cream and garnishes an attractive silhouette, makes sour cream and cheese sauces easier to spread, and gives foods outstanding melting properties.

How does gelatin achieve all this? KAPPTAI Gelatin can be combined with water and is a universal emulsifier and stabilizer. It mimics the “oily” taste, making it ideal for low-fat, half-fat or even zero-fat products. It even makes zero-fat ice cream creamy without the need for additives.

Also, gelatin possess excellent foaming properties and stability, which make it possible to make crystal clear jellies of varying hardness, or gelatinous desserts that remain stable at room temperature, or mousse and whipped cream products that are more stable than expected. Whether it’s instant dessert powder, cake or cake filling, KAPPTAI gelatin is the perfect choice — and requires no extra cooking.

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