Dietary supplement


Dietary supplement

The molecular size of collagen peptide is nanoscale, which can be easily absorbed by intestines, blood vessels and skin after oral administration, thus reducing the digestive burden of gastrointestinal tract. In addition, collagen peptide can accumulate in cartilage after absorption and circulation in the human body, which can have a good relief effect on joint diseases.

As a new functional food ingredient with high biosafety, Marine collagen peptide has the characteristics of easy absorption, and its digestion and absorption rate is almost 100%, which is superior to unhydrolyzed macromolecule collagen or free amino acid. In addition, Marine collagen peptide also has the characteristics of low antigenicity, hypoallergenicity, high solubility and high thermal stability, which can be directly eaten as a functional food alone, or compounded with other raw materials into compound products, such as cereal protein bars, yogurt and jelly. At present, the forms of Marine collagen peptide products on the market show a trend of diversity, and the dosage forms mainly include oral liquid, chewable tablet, powder, granule, soft capsule, etc.

Dietary supplement 2Collagen is the main component of dermis of human skin. Together with a small amount of elastin, it forms a regular collagen fiber network structure, which gives the skin a certain elasticity and hardness, and delivers moisture to the epidermis. Hydrolyzed collagen can provide high quality for human collagen synthesis of amino acid raw materials, especially proline and hydroxyproline, promote the synthesis of collagen, the loss of human body skin collagen supplements, to help maintain a special mesh structure of collagen in the skin, thus to improve skin moisture, postpone skin aging. At present, collagen as the main raw material for the development of beauty health food in line with modern people “from the inside out” to pursue the concept of beauty.

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