Collagen for cosmetics


Collagen for cosmetics

How to apply collagen in cosmetics?

Since ancient times, people who love beauty have been pursuing the technique of immortality and eternal youth both at home and abroad, and Kapptai collagen can keep us young and energetic forever. Collagen is naturally found in the skin structure of the human body, and has the function of moisturizing and maintaining connective tissue. Protein is an important living substance, and life is the way of existence of protein body. Its chemical composition and structure, which determine its suitability as the base of cosmetics.


1.Skin Cleaning
Bovine Collagen is similar to the protein found in human skin, promoting absorption, nourishing and forming a protective film that makes skin especially moisturized and smooth.

2. Maintenance
At present, it has become fashionable to take collagen peptides for deep skin care in European and American countries. Collagen is used as an oral skin care product, which plays different roles in different aspects and levels of skin maintenance, providing deep protection for different skin structures and components.

Collagen is the main component in the skin, accounting for more than 72% of the protein content in skin cells.A Japanese research report pointed out that more than 25% of women, the original skin collagen in the skin will gradually decline, causing the skin to become dry and lack of elasticity due to lack of moisture, coupled with the stress of life, high mental stress, environmental pollution and the irradiation of ultraviolet rays in the sunshine which make cells to oxidize and generate free radicals, promoting further aging of the skin. General cosmetic mouth can only reach the function of palliative, if you want to truly protect the skin, it is necessary to adjust itself from the inside to the outside of the maintenance.

After the medical collagen is injected into the sunken skin defect, it not only has the function of supporting and filling, but also can induce the construction of the recipient’s own structure. The new structure gradually generated will coordinate with the surrounding normal skin, thus playing an orthopedic role, and can also reduce the patient’s physical pain at the same time.

The ingredient of beef collagen care products is a comprehensive structural protein, which can effectively accelerate the growth of dermal cells, activate epidermal cells, maintain skin elasticity and firmness, prevent the appearance of wrinkles, and make the skin healthy and bright, showing a delicate and transparent sense.

Due to the similarity between collagen and the stratum corneum structure of the skin, the Kapptai collagen which added to cosmetics has good affinity and compatibility with the skin, can penetrate into the epidermis of the skin,and form a film, protect the skin, and nourish the skin, make its pores tightened and fine, and combine with the water in the stratum corneum to form a network structure, lock the moisture, be absorbed by the skin, play the role of the original moisturizing factor, make the skin plump, stretch wrinkles, and effectively prevent aging.


Collagen is naturally found in the skin structure of the human body,and has the function of skin cleaning,whitening,moisturizing,repairing,
maintaining and anti-wrinkle

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