Application of Gelatin in Food


Application of Gelatin in Food


Colorful Fruity Gummy Bears

According to reports, more than 60% of the world’s gelatin is used in the food and confectionery industry. Kapptai Gelatin has the function of absorbing water and supporting the skeleton. After the gelatin particles are dissolved in water, they can attract and interweave with each other to form a network structure of stacked layers, and condense as the temperature drops, so that sugar and water are completely filled in the gel voids, so that the soft candy can maintain a stable shape and will not deform even if it is subjected to a large load.

Frozen food:
In frozen food, gelatin can be used as a jelly agent. Gelatin jelly has a low melting point, is easily soluble in hot water, and has the characteristics of melting in the mouth. It is often used to make meal jelly, grain jelly, etc. Gelatin can also be used to make jellies. Gelatin jellies do not crystallize in warm, unmelted syrup, and warm jellies can be re-gelled after the curds are broken up. As a stabilizer, gelatin can be used in the production of ice cream, ice cream, etc. The function of gelatin in ice cream is to prevent the formation of coarse ice crystals, keep the structure fine and reduce the melting speed. For a good ice cream, the gelatin content must be just right.


Meat Product

Meat products:
Gelatin is added to meat products as a jelly, increasing the yield and quality of the product. Gelatin also acts as an emulsifier for some meat products, such as emulsifying the fat in meat sauces and cream soups, and protecting the original character of the product. In canned food, gelatin can also be used as a thickening agent. Powdered gelatin is often added, or a thick jelly made of one part gelatin and two parts water can be added.

Gelatin can be used as a clarifying agent in the production of products such as fruit wine. For different beverages, gelatin can be used with different substances to achieve different effects. In the production of tea beverages, for different tea beverages, gelatin can be used in combination with different substances to achieve the purpose of improving the quality of tea beverages.


In food production, gelatin is also used to make cakes and various icings. Due to the stability of the gelatin, the icing does not penetrate into the cake as the liquid phase increases, even on hot days, and also controls the size of the sugar crystals. Gelatin can also be used to make colorful beads of colorful ice cream, sugar-free cans, etc. In food packaging, gelatin can be synthesized into gelatin film. Gelatin film is also called edible packaging film and biodegradable film. It has been proved that the gelatin film has good tensile strength, heat sealability, high gas barrier, oil barrier and moisture barrier properties. The biodegradable film synthesized by Chen Jie et al. with gelatin is mainly used for fruit preservation, meat preservation, food packaging or direct consumption.

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